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Farbloses Glas mit blauen Streifen


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Streifen sind als Unterfang an Glasinnenseite, an Unterseite eingraviert :,, design Federico de Mayo Zafferano Hand Made ,, 

Design made in ITALY von Federico de Majo 

Höhe: 10,5cm 

Durchmesser: 7,5cm 




Biographie: Federico de Majo

Federico de Majo was born in Venice. In that city he breathed scents and smells, growing up admiring its beauty and charm, and the lights and colours of the lagoon left a lasting impression on him.

He now lives in the green countryside in the province of Treviso, yet his spirit is still firmly linked to the island of Murano, the land of master glassmakers.
It was there that he developed his great passion: giving shape and colour to glass

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